Interested groups

Over the past three years a number of projects have been undertaken to investigate DICE in the context of the new drivers above. Excellent results have been obtained, leading to proposals for several fast-track pilot projects as the first step of a staged development program, which aims to see DICE a commercial reality by 2020.

All of these developments are being undertaken with close collaboration with MAN Diesel and Turbo, who have taken the lead position in the development of DICE, and with their licensees have developed new technology and R&D facilities.

These projects are aimed at undertaking pilot-scale engine tests using a 1 MW single cylinder test engine during 2015, and, with satisfactory results, these would lead to a two-year development program for a prototype engine design for 10–30 MW scale demonstration projects.

Organisations presently investigating MRC-DICE in Australia, Europe, Japan and South Africa:

BCIA-CSIRO with industry stakeholders High efficiency power from Victorian brown coals; a consortium is being established to undertake a staged development program leading to a Victorian demonstration of DICE and export of brown coal MRC.
ESKOM, and various South African mining companies A range of interests, including the use of DICE for remote generation.
Exergen Development plans to produce MRC and other products from CHTD for both Victorian generation and export.
Ignite Energy Resources Development plans for efficient production of liquid transport fuels from brown coals and using DICE to utilise the Cat-HTR upgraded brown coal (a key product of the Cat-HTR coal-to-liquids technology).
InterTech Ultra-low ash coal produced by chemical processing of black coal for all applications, including marine.
JGC Use of DICE as a new application for JCF boiler fuel from JGC hydrothermal dewatering technology. 24t/day pilot plant operating in Indonesia for lignites.
MAN Diesel & Turbo Lead engine manufacturer. Established a staged program to assess DICE in association with fuel production and utilisation projects by Exergen, Newcrest, Xstrata and others.
Monolith Several DICE proposals in the Southern Africa region through various partnerships.
Newcrest Assessing the use of DICE to replace diesel generation for large gold mines.
RWE Assessing DICE for providing load following and backup capacity with a high penetration of renewables, and increasing gas prices and security issues.
Yancoal Assessing the use of UCC chemically cleaned coal for high value DICE applications with a 1 MW 6-cylinder test engine at Cessnock, NSW.
Wärtsilä Assessing commercial merit and development of DICE in the context of extensive experience with bitumen-water slurries (Orimulsion).
Glencore/XT Development of black coal MRC for DICE. XT have a 1 t/day MRC pilot plant at Bulga NSW.  Other developments with producing MRC from tailings, and higher ash MRC for boilers and gasifiers.